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Jan 1, 2010 8:00pm EST
legal scuffle. tiger is fairly mobile. i don't think if she stayed in the united states on the eastern seaboard that you would see too much of a big custody drawn-out battle. >> well, and neil hersh, all the attorneys we have talked to have said the affairs -- that's not going to necessarily affect anything if they've already come up with a prenuptial agreement that they've signed. could these rumors and allegations of many affairs with many women, partying all over the country with them, could that come up in a custody case to hurt tiger woods? >> the fact of the matter is it's possible, if he's neglecting his time with the children, neglecting what his only gap obligation to the children are because of other women. that could come up. that's no different with one's job takes you away from the children too much. she has to be very careful she doesn't use this as a sword and she starts to look bad. if he is, you know, neglecting his children which there is no evidence reported or rumored or anything, because of these other people, then that could happen, but one would surmise that thes
Jan 1, 2010 10:00pm EST
about the united states of america and stuff that directly affects people's lives. >> now we could go the whole show talking about politics but i'm standing here staring at kyle's ponytail. >> sorry. >> and it reminds me of another case of no respect. and i want to show you guys this tape, okay? the elbow throwing, ponytail throwing new mexico women soccer player and do you remember her, and the all-out brawl at the high school soccer game. two different stories. two different pieces of tape here. ooh. girls behaving badly, right? all right, spike, they've got over 20 million hits on youtube combined with these two pieces of tape. i mean aren't we -- yeah, are we fascinated or -- what's the deal? why are we so enthralled by this 20 million times. >> it's simple, america is the most violent country in the history of modern civilization. you have more guns, more shootings, more killings than any other country ever. >> i thought those girls got a break. if a guy did that the sports fans would go crazy. >> i than there are probably kids watching at this hour, so there is one more clip of
Jan 5, 2010 8:00pm EST
was leaving the united states and when she left the country she was going to tell the father where the body was. >> look at her. to you, marc klaas, president and founder of klaas kids. marc, i can't take it in. have you seen this baby? have you seen how beautiful it is? can you imagine her holed up in some motel on christmas day and then lying about the baby being dead? >> um, well, the baby looks like the gerber baby, doesn't it? i mean, really, it's the kwi quintessential little american child. you know, she wasn't interested in keeping the baby safe. she was interested in extracting some kind of retribution on the bio dad. if the baby is alive, what she did is one of the cruelest and most manipulative moves that one could imagine, telling him that his child is dead. if the baby's alive, she needs to come forth and led the authorities know where the baby is so that they can put this case to rest. the father deserves it and certainly the baby deserves it. >> all i can say is florida police, keep mommy in lockup. >>> always moving around, doing stuff. he loves to play. >> logan mcquarrie's
Jan 13, 2010 8:00pm EST
was present. >> now madison the german shepard at the center of a complaint filed with the united states department of justice. >> we don't know if it's going to work. we just want the chance to try it. yeah, we'll take it as far as we can. >>> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. after repeatedly insisting she cannot remember what the couple that took baby gabriel looks like, mommy has a sudden change of heart. in the last hours she not only gives a description but claims the fbi has the couple and baby gabriel on video. >> in her own words she stated she killed gabriel. >> everything is so false. >> elizabeth johnson visited today in jail by tammi smith, johnson allegedly told smith she knows gabriel is with a good family. >> she has been very quiet, very standoffish and has not assisted us in any way. >> we're told johnson stayed at this hotel near the airport sometime between december 20th and the 26th. the clerk remembers johnson checking in and she may have had the baby with her sitting in the car seat, but one thing is for sure,
Jan 26, 2010 8:00pm EST
unit. both albemarle and in-state police took the road leading to the scene. >> morgan has an apartment that's beautiful at blacksburg, virginia tech. we're not monitoring her behavior. she could have friends and -- >> freedom. >> freedom, you know, that she doesn't have to run off to have freedom. this is not behavior that we've ever seen from morgan. i think she was taken. >> in the last hours, virginia state police confirm a partially skeletonized body has been found in the midst of the pasture of thick grass. a 700-acre albemarle county farm there in virginia. police have blocked off all access to the farm. route 29, using a grid system technique of searching. they are searching every inch, k looking for clues. we believe that if this is morgan harrington, the body may have been there for about 101 days. we are taking your calls live to cindy in virginia. hi, cindy. >> caller: hi, nancy. i live in charlottesville, virginia and my son is the same age as morgan and was also at the concert that night, so my heart really breaks for her family. my question is, i was one of the search rs
Jan 26, 2010 10:00pm EST
forensic unit. both albemarle and state police took the winding road over the hill leading to the scene. a police helicopter took to the air searching for clues from the sky. the lead investigator on the morgan harrington case, joe raider, arrived on the scene just after 12:30. commonwealth attorney denise lunsford was also on the scene to inspect and to make sure the detectives are thorough should the investigation turn criminal. >> i don't know if the security guards have been questioned or not. i don't think the girls are hiding anything. i think they really don't know. you know, they -- morgan went to the restroom by herself and for whatever reason, she ended up outside the arena. i think they are as perplexed as we are as to how that occurred and i think the more important question is why didn't morgan feel that she could get a ride afterwards rather than staying around until -- we don't know the answer. >> based on the evidence that was there that we've recovered, we're fairly confident at this time, that the remains are those of morgan dana harrington. >> out to dr. mark hillman.
Jan 20, 2010 8:00pm EST
something good. dial 800-554-8583 or go to umcor, united methodist community on relief. >>> police now state they are working a parallel investigation, a missing child and a homicide. >> there's an investigation in arizona through the tempe police department. there's also an investigation in san antonio to be able to try to track down some of that information. if she did, in fact, meet someone at a park. about the two hotels, digging more into this baby-sitter. >> i knew the second i saw her, there is something wrong there. immediately, what do you want to do with your baby? >> we have to look into all leads and all information we have available. one of the pieces of information being out of elizabeth's mouth to logan that she killed gabriel. >> these are the last-known photos of gabriel from the san antonio hotel room where the boy may have been drugged. >> she told me she already drugged him up with medication but that if he started to cry again just to give him more medicine to shut him up. >> she didn't just text the daddy that the baby's dead, she called him on the phone and elaborated
Jan 22, 2010 8:00pm EST
," you state while other patients are required to clean rooms and toilets, make their beds, plan meals as a unit, attend every group session, he is undergoing his own specially designed behavior sessions. he doesn't clean his cabin. he doesn't attend group counseling. he's not going through the rigorous program, is he? he's being waited on hand and foot. >> obviously we're not certainly there. all we can tell you, nancy, is that he has apparently when he arrived he did what all the other patients did. he had to fill out his full sexual history, all of his addiction problems and obviously the counselors and the doctors are working on those problems every day. so -- >> so tiger woods can't clean his own commode? >>> everybody, thousands tonight suffering in haiti. don't let this be another missed opportunity to do something good. call 800-554-8583 or >>> tiger was here, i think that, you know, i would just tell him that no part of our relationship is fake and i cared for him. i'm sorry that everything, you know, is coming out and happening the way it did and i just thought it
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)